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Our company uses state of the art work platforms for fast and effective repairs to rotor blades. The work platform can be used for either stall or pitch controlled turbines.

This enables us to carry out maintenance and repair work on all types of wind turbines up to 6 MW and in all blade positions economically, regardless of the tower height.

Due to the special attachment points the work platform is suspended vertically, centred on the tower, and supports itself on the tower of the wind turbine using a roller-mounted distancing frame. Combined with the suspension equipment the work platform thus creates a stable unit, relatively unaffected by the wind. So regardless of the hub height, this platform permits high quality, safe and comfortable work on all types of wind turbine.

The maintenance platform system surrounds the vertical rotor blade without actually touching it or creating tension, making it possible to work all around the whole rotor blade. Bigger repair jobs can be carried out on various places on the rotor blade by two members of staff simultaneously, thus reducing turbine downtime to a minimum.

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