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Work on Rotor Blades
Rotor blade repairs for all makes and sizes
Repair of cavities, cracks and any other damage
Assembly and repair of stall strips and vortex elements
Application of optimum leading edge protection using erosion protection film or liquid edge protection
All maintenance and adjustment work for tips of all makes and sizes, also replacement of tips and tip cables
Fitting of warning stripes to the rotor blade
Rotor blade cleaning
Complete rehabilitation and coating
on the hanging blade

Work on Towers
Removal of corrosion and paint damage
Fitting of warning stripes on the tower
Tower cleaning inside and out with proper disposal of cleaning waste

Expert Reports
Survey of blade body inside and out
Technical inspection of the blade connections for damage, impermeability,
corrosion and cracks
Inspection of the lightning protection installations
Inspection of the water drainage bores
Inspection of the tower coating for damage, corrosion and thickness of coating
Drawing up of comprehensive damage reports with photo-documentation

Additional services
Torque testing of screw connections
Application of lettering on the tower
Custom built GRP components
Leasing of mobile maintenance platform incl. personnel
Assistance in rotor blade assembly and removal
Assistance in assembly and disassembly
Construction of model turbines with hub height approx. 2m

Work Platform
Cable Access Technology
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